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Hearing products

For over 30 years, Fanaz has been leading the field of hearing instrument technology, and audiology in Iran. we improve our products and add to the comfort and lifestyle of all our customers whatever their needs. Our products fall into 5 categories: Hearing aids, Battery, Diagnostic systems, Hearing Aid Analyzers, Hygenic products.


Hearing aids:

Hearing aids are sound-amplifying devices designed to aid people who have a hearing impairment. Most hearing aids share several similar electronic components, including a microphone that picks up sound; amplifier circuitry that makes the sound louder; a miniature loudspeaker (receiver) that delivers the amplified sound into the ear canal; and batteries that power the electronic parts.Some hearing aids also have earmolds or earpieces to direct the flow of sound into the ear and enhance sound quality. The option of hearing aids is based on the type and severity of hearing loss, listening needs, and lifestyle.

Ossicular prostheses:

Ossicular prostheses are commonly placed in patients with ossicular destruction or disruption due to cholesteatoma, chronic otitis media, or congenital ossicular malformation. Autografts were initially used for ossicular chain reconstruction due to their biocompatibility and good sound conduction.

Hearing aid batteries:

The hearing aid battery provides the electrical energy to hearing aids The most common type of hearing aid battery is the zinc– air. It has small holes that allow oxygen to enter the cell when the user peels off a sticker, causing a chemical reaction that activates the battery. The amount of energy that is stored in the battery is called the capacity and is given in milli-Ampere hours (mAh). Larger batteries can store more energy and thus provide more hours of use than smaller batteries.


Diagnostic systems:

A diagnostic hearing test provides far more information and is the test recommended by doctors and Ear, Nose and Throat specialists. A full diagnostic test tells us whether a hearing loss is permanent or temporary, and provides information as to the loss is located (eg. In the inner ear, the ear canal or the middle ear). A full test will include an assessment of eardrum movement and also of hearing for speech. A full diagnostic test is the only way to accurately assess whether hearing aids are the best choice for a patient or whether their hearing loss can be treated medically. A full hearing test is like any other medical assessment which doctors use to help form a diagnosis.


Hearing aid analyzer:

Hearing aid performance must be assessed to make sure that a hearing aid is working as defined by the manufacturer according to a test standard. There are two different types of hearing aid measurements: Coupler tests and real-ear measures (REMs). REM uses a small probe microphone in the ear canal to verify a hearing aid’s performance in the user’s ear. Coupler measures are performed inside an acoustically controlled hearing aid test box using a coupler. A coupleris an open metal cavity that substitutes for the ear canal simulating its residual volume.


Chemical and hygienic products:

Personal hygiene is normally described as cleaning and grooming of parts of the body to hide imperfections and to build confidence, but when it comes to your ears, hygiene and in particular ear hygiene also has important health implications. Our range of ear hygiene includes daily aids ear wax remover to skin relief products.



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